The following information compiled January 1998.

Feature/Service  SmartRug Rug Mgr Pro * ORRS *
Retail or Wholesale?  The only program in the market to provide you with Retail AND Wholesale features without compromising ease of use.  Retail Only.  Retail and wholesale modules available at extra cost. 
Upgrades:  Upgrades have always been FREE.  Free for 1st year. $600 / Year thereafter.  Service Contract starting the FIRST DAY at prices from $300. 
Telephone Support  First year is FREE.
$150 / Year thereafter. 
Free for 1st year. $600 / Year thereafter.  Starting at $300/year from the day you purchase the product. 
Toll Free Support  Available  N/A  N/A 
Company Profile  Doing computer programs for Oriental Rug Business since 1981. The first company ever to introduce Bar Coding AND Pictures in their programs.  Company aquires software from third party - not made "in-house". Last program aquired 1997.  Doing computer programs for Oriental Rugs since 1983. 
Program Profile.  SmartRug is a fully tested, Full featured Rug Business Management program. It has all the experience and knowledge gathered from experienced users for decades.  Program aquired recently from a 
third party. Originally NOT a rug management software.
Retail Package developed recently. Wholesale package since 1983. 
Platforms Available  SmartRug is the ONLY Rug Management software available for the Windows98/95/NT/3.1, DOS, Unix AND the Mac Systems.  Windows Only.   Windows Only. 
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