Inventory Control
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Miscellaneous Features

General: top

Exceptionally easy to learn, understand, and use. Suitable for those who have never used a computer, and for those experienced  with one.

Starting at only $995, extremely affordable.

Specific to the rug industry (deals with "rugs" instead of "items", and uses familiar terms such as Design, Quality, Color, Size, etc.)

The most unique computer software available for the rug industry. SmartRug was designed specifically with you in mind. It is not just another accounting system. SmartRug was designed by leaders in the rug industry, and for leaders in the rug industry.

SmartRug is an integrated system. This means that you do not have to enter and update data manually in many different places. Instead, it is done automatically. For example, you only need to enter a vendorís name and address once. Any time you
refer to this vendor in the future,

SmartRug will automatically know the related name, address, etc. Another example is when you issue an invoice or consignment: SmartRug will automatically update each rug in the invoice from being "in stock" to being "sold".

Created by SmartsCorp and Kalcom, Inc. reputable companies whose expertise in the computerization of many different industries dates back to 1981.

Mouse operations supported and recommended. Using a mouse allows you to use powerful portions of SmartRug simply by moving the mouse and clicking on its buttons.

Includes a comprehensive and easy to understand Userís Guide.

Windows interface, menus, and screens.

Telephone support available: Speak to trained and friendly personnel if you have any questions.


Inventory Control: top

Rug maintenance: Automatically enter and access all your rugs including those you have invoiced or consigned.

Automatically add rugs into your inventory. SmartRug will create any number of rugs defaulting to a specific origin, quality, design, size, etc., and will let you update those values easily.

SmartRug will track any rug it has encountered indefinitely. You will always be able to search for a rug, even after having sold it, to see detailed information about the rug: Size, design, location, the customer it has been sold/consigned to, invoice/consignment number (and thus reference to the invoice or consignment itself), etc.

Comprehensive rug search and report facilities allow you to quickly and easily find any information regarding your rugs (including those in your physical inventory, on order, sold, consigned, etc.) Search by any relevant criteria: Design, quality, size (any range of sizes), ground and border colors, vendorís rug number, etc. Sort report according to your preference (rug number, design, quality, origin, purchase order number, vendor number, etc.)

Split window design allows you to view detailed information on the rug you are editing, while a summary window displays general information on other rugs.

Produce many customized and filtered reports on any range of rugs, according to your needs and preferences, using our unique SmartTemplate feature. Report filters included are: All rugs, rugs in stock, rugs sold, rugs consigned, rugs on-order, etc.

Print dozens of different reports regarding your inventory, and any piece that SmartRug has ever encountered, not just those in your physical inventory.

Handles any number of locations for your inventory, allowing you to track rugs in different warehouses.

Specialized location reports allow reporting of rugs per location. This facilitates reporting of all rugs on consignment, with the name and telephone of the consignee for easy follow-up after an invoice or consignment to a customer.

Print rug tags in a variety of formats (different size tags).

Print rug tags with bar-codes, which can be scanned using SmartScan (our optional bar-code scanning solution).

Easily delete rugs you no longer wish to include in the system.

Automatic calculation of the area and cost of the rug according to the size and price per foot entered.

International flexibility supports choice of feet or meters during size entry.


Customer And Vendor Control: top

Detailed accounts maintenance allows you to enter or modify in-depth information on both customers and vendors. Information tracked by SmartRug includes: Name of company, billing address, shipping address, telephone number, fax number, tax identification number, contact names, comments, etc.

Unlimited entry of comments for each customer and vendor. Store as much information as you like, and in any form. For example, log every conversation you have with a vendor along with any comments you may have. Or, enter a customerís birth date and favorite color so that you can make a great impression in the future.

View customer and vendor accounts by simply clicking on the mouse: Search for an account, and delete account with the same ease-of-use.

Produce dozens of different reports on one account or a range of accounts, and sort accounts by account number, name, state or other data, according to your preference.

Search customers and/or vendors for any text you choose. For example, produce a report of all customers which contain the
word "Antique" in their entry.

Print shipping and mailing labels for all your customers and vendors, or for a specific group. Sort options include company
name, contact name , zip code, telephone number, etc.

Print labels using a variety of formats.


Billing and Accounting: top

Create and print all bills including: invoices, consignments and invoices from consignments.

Simple and consistent layout for all of the bill types. All information appears on a single screen and looks like the invoices and consignments you are accustomed to seeing.

Easy and automated billing: Customerís key information is automatically entered by SmartRug (such as name, billing address, shipping address, terms of payment, etc.)

You may set a standard tax percentage to be calculated for each bill, and may edit this percentage on a bill-by-bill basis.

Maintain a list of comments containing any number of free-form comment text. Attach these comments to bills quickly and easily, by a few clicks of the mouse. Examples of comments are "Happy Holidays", "Please Pay Promptly", "Thank You for Your Business", or any other message you wish to convey.

Itemizing your invoice, consignment, or credit memo is simple: Just tell SmartRug the rug numbers for the rugs you wish to process (or quickly browse through your inventory and pick the rugs with the mouse). SmartRug will automatically enter and print the rugís design, quality, size, area, and total price according to the price you specify.

Automated "Rejection Checker" will find all problematic entries in your bill with a single click of the mouse. You will be informed of invalid rug numbers, duplicate rug numbers, rugs which cannot be billed because they have already been invoiced or consigned.

Preview an invoice, consignment, or credit memo before printing it to insure that you print what you expect to be printed.

Reprint bills in the event that an invoice has been lost or misplaced. SmartRug will maintain an internal copy of all of your invoices, consignments, and credit memos.

Simplified accounting model allows entry of payments made and received against any customer or vendor (debits and credits),and deleting of transactions enter in error.

Automatically view and print statement of accounts for your customers and vendors. SmartRug will automatically calculate Balance Forward values, replacing old transactions with a single value (and thus limiting the number of pages printed). The statement will automatically print a customerís name and address, transforming statement mailing into an effortless task.

Aging report will give you a view of your customerís overdue payments, or your payments due to vendors, split by date categories (current, 30, 60, 90, etc.)

Transaction log report will print all transactions for customers and vendors you choose within a range of dates (weekly,
monthly, etc.)


 Miscellaneous Features And Notes: top

SmartZoom: Automatically select, search, and add new information related to the item which you Zoomed from.

SmartSelect: Allows you to search and select information related to the field which you are in.

SmartImage (optional): This option of SmartRug allows you to incorporate color pictures of your rugs into your system, to be seen on-screen or printed.

SmartScan (optional): Incorporates SmartRug with our bar-code scanning solution which allows for the scanning of special codes on rug tags for quick error-free data entry for all your business needs (such as inventory control and billing).

Cost/Profit Reports on any range of rugs which list purchase prices and sell prices of rugs along with their related profit values.

Sales Analysis Reports on a monthly basis, or at any interval you choose, help give you a clearer picture of your sales progression.

Tell SmartRug the automatic numbers to use for Rugs, Invoices, Consignments, Credit Memos, etc.

Included are Backup and Restore functions, allowing you to easily safeguard all of your SmartRug data onto floppy disks, and to recover from damaged files and errors by restoring information from previous backups.

Desk-top organizer provides essential tools used on a daily basis, such as a calculator, a calendar/ diary and reminder feature, and a memo pad.

Automatic and simple upgrade feature will allow you to update your SmartRug system with periodic enhancements and changes available on a 3.5 floppy disk, or through the internet.

When purchasing SmartRug along with a computer system from us, we will pre-configure your new computer with SmartRug ready to operate right out of the box