Game of Lists

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Game of lists is one of the more successful Amazon Alexa skills. Inspired by Ariel Kalati, and developed by Alen and Ariel Kalati, It’s being used by tens of thousands of people all over the world.

It’s the first ever Alexa skill to incorporate several new ideas which include:

Promotion of quality family time instead of screen time.

Incorporating timers and pause in Alexa response which was never done before at time of skill release.

Game of lists is a multi-player game. All players need pen and paper.

In Game of Lists, Alexa will give you a category and a letter of the alphabet. Then, it will give you 30 seconds to write down as many items in that category starting with that letter as you can. For example, if the category is Fruits, and the letter is A, write down fruits starting with the letter A, such as apple, or apricot. Then, Alexa will let you list these for 30 seconds. When Alexa tells you that time is up, everyone playing the game, can count how many items they came up with, to see who came up with the most.

Try it now for FREE by activating it on the Amazon store or by telling Alexa: “Enable game of lists.

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