About SmartRug Features :

SmartRug is a unique, full-featured Rug Management computer software, created specifically for the rug industry.
SmartRug will quickly and easily perform countless of functions which are essential to the rug trade and to your business.
SmartRug is very easy to learn and use, and has been developed and fully supported by SmartsCorp since 1982.

Please see screen shots below, and feel free to contact us at info@smartscorp.com to arrange a demo or request further information.



Main menu with roadmap
Customer Maintenance
Rug Entry Multiple View
rug entry single rug view
full screen multiple windows
bar code op center
search engine
output templates selection - several outputs per report
search engine output - thumbnails
search engine output - 4 photos to a page
search engine output - 9 pictures to a page
search engine output full page photo catalogue
multi windows
multi window
multi window
multi windows

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